Underfloor Heating

Why Electricity?

Electric heating is clean, quiet in operation and requires no regular maintenance. Electric underfloor heating systems can be expected to last as long as other wiring in the building. Electricity is rapidly emerging as the fuel of choice. Taking into account the true total lifetime costs (including capital and installation costs, annual service and maintenance costs) along with fuel costs electric heating systems are cheaper than oil and gas. Electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use. The cost of all fuels is rising but oil and gas are rising fastest. Long term then, there is little doubt that the future is electric.

The Heritage Stone Company has been supplying Vysal underfloor heating systems for nearly a decade. These Vysal systems are easy to install and operate and come with a lifetime guarantee. Vysal also offer a detailed technical advice and customer support facility.

In addition to the Vysal cabling kits (Electric matting / Thermostats), The Heritage Stone Company also supplies the thermal backer boards and latex encapsulation screeds that are required for their correct installation.


Expert Advice on Underfloor Heating and Tiling

Our advice and knowledge does not end there and whilst we do not supply wet under floor systems we are able to give technical advice on tiling to these surfaces.  This includes decoupling of under floor substructures from surface tiling; in order to prevent and reduce expansion and contraction issues and thus help prevent tiles cracking.


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Why not give us a call or pop into see us; be it a simple electrical mat system in a bathroom through to a full house application we are on hand to meet all our clients needs.